Russian Lip Filler Technique

The Russian lip filler technique concentrates the filler into the upper body of the lips, fanning vertically inwards from corners of the lip towards the cupid’s bow in what’s known as ‘tenting’. The injector will begin at the inject downwards from the lip border.

Unlike cherry lips (see below), this technique adds fullness on either side of the procheilon (the bottom of the centre of the upper lip) which gives it an inverted appearance. The overall effect is a natural lifting effect with more lip height. The fullness extends to the corners of the lower lip. A natural celebrity comparison of this effect would be Huntington-Whiteley or Taylor Hill.


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Cherry Lips

The cherry lips technique defines the cupid’s bow, plumps the middle portion of the lips and lifts at corners at the corners.
The ‘cherry lips’ look involves strategic placement of the filler into the central upper and lower lip to plump them out in a subtle way.
The aim is for the lips to resemble a cherry that’s turned on its side. The injector may also inject filler through the outer border (vermillion border) of the lip which enhances the ‘M’ shape of the lip. They might also directly add filler to the corners of the lips to correct drooping.

Some patients like some fullness to the procheilon which is the central area of the upper lip that drops down. This lip filler shape first grew popularity in Korea, where the desire to look youthful is highly appealing. When the filler is placed in this way, it creates a poutier, youthful-looking appearance to the lips. Actress Shin Se Kyung is a celebrity comparison who attains this lip shape naturally.


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