Breast Surgery

Natural Boob Job Options

The subtle boob job can be achieved in two ways, or through a combination of both surgical methods. Firstly, small implants can be placed under the muscle to achieve a very natural look. Secondly, as opposed to using breast implants, we can use the fat transfer technique to enhance the breasts subtly. The fat can be taken from the hips, for example, and reinserted back into the breasts. This surgical approach provides a subtle effect of enhancing the breast size by 1-2 cup sizes, and also give the patient the benefit of being able to redistribute unwanted fat to improve their overall shape. Fat Transfer is bio-compatible and preferred by patients who wish to avoid the associated risks with implants. The fat is removed by one of our expert Plastic Surgeons from the chosen area using Liposuction, then injected to the breasts using a specialist technique.

Breast implants involve inserting a foreign object into the body, and so the fat transfer method is seen as a more natural alternative. However, some of the fat can be reabsorbed by the body and therefore gives a less predictable outcome.



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