Abi Ali

Abi Ali

Head Of Surgical Department

With over 19 years of experience, Abi has worked with some of the prestigious doctors on Harley St. As our Head Of Surgical Department she is exquisite in patient relations, she carries out surgical consultations, arranges procedures, and ensures that patients are prepped and ready for surgery.

With the pursuit of patient confidence and satisfaction, Abi helps to guide individuals through their journey of surgery. Full of charisma and charm, patients immediately feel at ease and secure in her care.

Outlook as Head of Surgical Department

Abi is a confident, friendly and caring Head of Surgical Department who makes it her priority to care and look after all surgical patients. Upholding a professional and courteous relationship with patients, she ensures that all visits to 111Harley St exceed expectations. Seeking great reward in her role, Abi finds joy in resolving any patient’s insecurities and concerns whilst ensuring the meticulous approach of each patient’s treatment plan from start to finish. Her serene nature is an instant comfort to patients who always feel rest assured in her presence.

Education & Experience

After completing her studies in 2002, Abi has gone on to work as a Clinic Manager, Senior Therapist, and Senior Patient Coordinator to Head of Surgical Department at 111 Harley St. Focusing on the patient and skin’s wellbeing, she is focused on developing her skills and experience that now stretches across all non-surgical treatments and coordinating all surgical procedure here at 111 Harley St.

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