Non-surgical treatment for Post childbirth

LPG Endermologie

Through the traditional and effective methods of massage therapy, Endermologie rejuvenates, restores, tightens, and firms the body. A strongly recommended treatment for either weight loss, or sagging and crepey skin ( both factors post-pregnancy) – the massage treatment targets four main concerns – body detox, firmness, cellulite, and circumference reduction. Through the detox (lymphatic drainage) efforts, the treatment helps to reduce bloating and water retention, passing through the body’s lymphatic system, it is ideal for sculpting and contouring the body overall.

Other efforts include circumference reduction which involves the Endermologie treatment target and shift of stubborn fat that can then improve the body’s natural shape overall. Finally, the development of cellulite (which can form from poor circulation or weight gain – depending on the environment) can mean that the skin appears bumpy in areas. The body treatment combines suction, rolling, and pulsation to directly alter and transform the fibrous tissues that suppress the dormant fat cells. As a result, the technique helps to reignite and recharge the fat cells for optimal results.

Thermage for loose skin


Harnessing the most innovative and high-performance technology on the market, Thermage FLX utilises the strength of radiofrequency to heat the skin and boost collagen and elastin for a lifted, tighter, and even result. It’s the perfect solution for tightening loose and sagging skin without the need for surgery. Over a course of treatments, witness plumpness and life restored to your skin – the perfect treatment post-childbirth.



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