Treatment for Maskne
Isolaz for Acne


An efficacious and advanced treatment for focusing on maskne-induced facials, Isolaz uses laser and light energy to penetrate the dermis and kill the bacteria that would form into inflamed bumps on the skin. Reducing acne scarring, oiliness, and congestion – it is the perfect treatment that lays the foundation for combating ‘maskne’. With no downtime required and uniquely tailored not to strip the essential oils from your skin, your complexion will be left clearer over time.

Clarity Facial


A potent laser treatment that is uniquely designed for those that suffer from acne. The technology uses non-ablative lasers to penetrate the skin and destroy the root cause of acne, p.acnes bacteria as well as thermal damage to sebaceous glands. Reducing sebum production overall, is a non-invasive treatment with remarkable results.

Skin Peel

Chemical Peels

A more comprehensive and intense treatment, Chemical Peels is a certified treatment that harnesses acid and chemical compounds to reconfigure and rejuvenate the skin’s layers. The removal of the epidermal layer rids your skin of the buildup, impurities, and oil that remains congested at the surface and allows for cellular regeneration to take place, encouraging a clearer and hydrated complexion overall. Enhancing texture, colour, and hydration – skin will be left looking and feeling refreshed. We do however recommend, with any intense treatments, that you are rigorously applying SPF on a regular basis to prevent any sun or artificial light damage to the skin.



For transformed results at the surface, the skin needs to be treated at a dermal level and the photoageing properties of our Lightfinity Facial will revitalise and stimulate improvement to the skin’s surface and deeper levels. Due to its intense healing technology, Lightfinity triggers the body’s own healing mechanisms to repair damaged cells with the process overall improving acne, scarring, and inflamed skin.


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