Liposuction London


As we know it, Liposuction uses surgical methods to remove unwanted fat cells from the body with proven and transformative results on the hips, stomach, back, thighs and buttocks.

Cryotherapy is a beneficial treatment after Liposuction to help maintain the body post-treatment (please seek your practitioner’s recommendation before undertaking the treatment). The understanding behind the two treatments as a complimentary wellness approach is that Cryotherapy is said to freeze and kill fat cells – continued Cryo treatments can see a reduction in body fat volume overall, helping to maintain the liposuction results.

Accent Prime For Cellulite

Accent Prime

Focusing on skin tightening and rejuvenation, Accent Prime combines the power of Alma Lasers with ultrasound and radio frequency to deliver effective and highly customised results when it comes to lax skin. Effectively disrupting stubborn fat cells, Accent Prime simultaneously tones, firms and plumps the skin by encouraging collagen and elastin production through heat technology.

Partnering this treatment with Cryotherapy will promote smoother, firmer and tighter skin on the surface and will even help to increase muscle definition with renewed skin strength.

Aqualyx - Non Surgical Fat Removal


Whilst one of the most popular treatments for removing unwanted fat on areas across the body, Aqualyx can also be benefited from Cryotherapy treatments. Aqualyx uses injections to directly target and break down fat deposits anywhere on the body, then enhanced by an ultrasound machine to intensify the results, it’s a quick and efficient treatment for fat loss. Supported by Cryotherapy and helping to reduce fat volume overall, the complimentary duo work hand in hand when reducing fat.

*Cryotherapy can’t spot reduce fat and will treat the whole body overall.


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