Laser Hair Removal for men

Laser Hair Removal

What It’s Good For: Laser Hair Removal takes away the hair on the body through the technology of laser. Targeting the hair follicle, the laser is extremely precise and therefore leaves the skin and surrounding area undamaged. With long-lasting results that effectively reduce the thickness and amount of hair overtime, Laser has fast become the most popular treatment for helping men remove and reduce unwanted body or facial hair.

Best Suited For: The treatment is suited to all skin types and tones with an array of lasers available for treating darker skin tones. Laser is a great solution for those who have excessive hair growth, unwanted body hair or in need of less time-consuming ways of hair removal.

Botox for men


What It’s Good For: Botox is an extremely versatile, minimally-invasive treatment that can improve things from frown lines and wrinkles to combating excessive sweating. Through baby botox, you can improve the appearance of facial lines with the option to still showcase facial expressions. Similarly, Botox can treat chronic migraines, excessive sweating, larger calves and even slim the face to enhance muscle definition.

Best Suited For: Individuals who want to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, dimpling, sagging eyelids or larger calves. The treatment is also suited for those that want to stop excessive sweating or improve their facial definition.

Clarity Facial for men

Clarity Facial

What It’s Good For: The Clarity Facial is highly popular for those that suffer with breakouts, acne, congestion and a buildup of impurities. For men in particular, your skin is structured slightly thicker and oilier than women and so the excess oil can culminate on the skin’s surface if a specified routine isn’t put in place. Combining light, laser and 111SKIN products, the Clarity Facial purifies, refines and brightens the complexion.

Best Suited For: For those whose skin suffers with acne, breakouts, impurities and congestion.

3D Hollywood Facial for men

3D Hollywood Facial

What It’s Good For: The 3D Hollywood Facial is our signature treatment at 111Harley St, it combines 111SKIN’s most powerful and potent black diamond range with radiofrequency tightening to intensely penetrate the active ingredients to the dermis. It targets fine lines, lax skin and nasolabial lines for a plumper and rejuvenated result.

Best Suited For: Before an event or those wanting to sculpt and contour the complexion.


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