Treatment for Bridal Season


Whether it’s cellulite or unwanted areas of fat, there are treatments designed to precisely target and transform any area of concern.

Accent Prime


The Treatment: Accent Prime

What It Does: Considering your bridal attire, there may be areas on show that you want to be tighter and lifted, or simply you want to feel more confident walking down the aisle. Accent Prime is an efficacious treatment that you’ll want in your treatment arsenal for targeting all areas of the body, including the stomach, buttocks, navel, face or legs. A bespoke treatment dedicated to your needs entirely, Accent Prime is capable of tailored heat settings for the ultimate result and body contouring.

The Result: Combining ultrasound and radiofrequency breakdown unwanted fat cells to tighten and lift skin.

*4-6 sessions required

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LPG Endermologie


The Treatment: LPG Endermologie

What It Does: In a recommended course leading up to the nuptials, book for Endermologie to help tighten skin. With little to no downtime required, both needle and laser-free, you can smooth away any cellulite while boosting the skin’s radiance through collagen-stimulating technology. Face your wedding feeling confident both inside and out.

The Result: Rejuvenate and tighten skin for unrecognisable results, the perfect treatment for any areas of cellulite.

*12 sessions required

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Thermage FLX


The Treatment: Thermage FLX

What It Does: Thermage FLX stimulates collagen and elastin production by generating heat and boosting skin cell activity, a minimally invasive way of transforming the skin. A treatment dedicated to targeting many face and body areas, including the stomach, back and knees, feel instantly rejuvenated.

The Result: A skin-tightening treatment waving goodbye to texture and age-related skin concerns.

The Treatment: Accent Prime

What It Does: Not just for firming the body, but an incredibly advanced treatment for tightening and firming the face. Using radiofrequency and ultrasound, the targeted technology breaks down any unwanted fat cells while tightening the skin. Put your best face forward with a treatment that guarantees contoured results.

The Result: Tighten, tone and contour the skin for a more sculpted appearance.

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The Treatment: Profhilo
What It Does: Using hyaluronic acid’s efficacious properties and refining in an injectable advancement. Profhilo is a hydrating-glow inducing hybrid that treats texture, lines and laxity. A suitable treatment for many concerns, expect to see a revitalised, radiant and hydrated complexion.
The Result: Breathe life back into your skin, allowing for deep-level hydration, plumpness and radiance.
* 2-3 Sessions Require of Profhilo

The Treatment: Mesotherapy

What It Does: Creating a bespoke cocktail of vital minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids, Mesotherapy is the all-in-one treatment we recommend for all brides regardless of concern. Re-activating and enhancing the superior activity of your skin from a dermis level, Mesotherapy revitalises skin like never before.

The Result: Fight the signs of everyday life on the skin with a cocktail of benefits that’ll rejuvenate and brighten skin.
* 3-6 Sessions Require of Mesotherapy

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Botox injections


The Treatment: Botox and Dermal Fillers

What It Does: Helping to restrict any movement and reduce any fine lines and wrinkles, Botox and Dermal Fillers are recommended options to book a month before the wedding. A little downtime is required (but we recommend the earlier, the better). In need of lifting and creating a youthful appearance, fillers will be the treatment to hand.

The Result: Say goodbye to any fine lines, frown lines or deeper-set wrinkles with our filler offering.

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