Breast Implant Removal: The Procedure

Whether you are replacing your implants with a different type, shape or size, this is referred to as an explant, and the actual removal process is similar.

An initial and then extensive consultation is carried out with Dr Reza Alamouti and his team to distinguish and address your concerns, outline the procedure and answer any questions.
On the day of the procedure, anaesthesia is applied.
An incision will be made by Dr Reza (avoiding the original incision to minimise scarring) and the breast implant removed from the breast capsule (otherwise known as the pocket as to which the implant resided).
The incision and capsule will be closed, covered and bandaged if required.

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Breast Implant Removal: Initial and long-term Recovery

Immediately after the surgery, you will rest and be under observation for at least 24 hours with pain medication, and essential compression garments are given. The first few days will be uncomfortable, so please use the experts’ prescribed medicine. And Dr Reza will be available to explain how to minimise complications and infections while caring for your body at home.

You can expect your recovery period to last anywhere up to 6 weeks (this time being your post-op assessment). While you can go about your daily activities a week-post operation, we recommend avoiding anything vigorous until Dr Reza has signed you off and given the all-clear.

Please avoid:
– Lifting anything over 5-10 pounds
– Exercising and working out (besides walking)
– Sleeping on your stomach or side

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breast-implant removal-result

Breast Implant Removal: Results

Results can vary from person to person, and a detailed look at your results can be discussed during your consultation. We say this because those with smaller breasts are likely to experience less sagging and drooping than those with larger breasts or implants. Yet, those with larger or more significant breast augmentations may require a breast lift in conduction with their removal procedure to oversee the concern of sagging or drooping.

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