As all our chest and Breast Augmentations are bespoke, Motiva implants for Breast Surgeries can be chosen based on the following:

  • Softness and movement
  • Enhanced cleavage
  • Natural results
  • Firmness and perkiness
  • Minimal scars


At your consultation you will discuss your surgical goals with your Plastic Surgeon, this includes the most suitable Motiva implants and selecting the most suitable option from their range of sizes and pliabilities to ensure a bespoke procedure that meet your goals.

All our surgeries are bespoke, which is why during your consultation, Mr Reza will show you the type of implants we offer and give you his medical expertise and opinion on the technique he will perform to give you the best result. One reason to choose us is because of our Of course, included in our post-aftercare promise are follow-ups and reviews for up to one year after your surgery. This ensures that we provide you with the most comprehensive care throughout your treatment and recovery. Our amazing Surgical Team will be at your service if you need someone to contact or have any questions. We also promise that in the unlikely circumstances that you require revision surgery, this will be carried out free of charge too.


Types of Incisions

Due to massive advancements in surgical techniques, the after results of Breast Augmentation are much more subtle. With most incisions hidden beneath the breast crease, any visible scarring is not as noticeable as it once traditionally was. This is usually called under the breast implants.

However, depending on your breasts and the results you want to achieve. The ‘anchor’ and ‘lollipop’ incisions may be used to give you the best results – and although vertical scarring is not ideal, 111 Harley St. has a range of non-surgical treatments to enhance your post-surgery skin and help diminish any scarring or post-surgery epidermal concerns.

The lollipop incision is often mixed up with areola breast implants, which is a method we do not use at 111 Harley St. This is because areola breast implants may be used for those who have had breast removal – perhaps because of a serious medical condition such as Breast Cancer. In general, micro-grafts which involves using existing skin to crate a more natural look. The skin is additionally the most bio-compatible method.

Another method of augmentation is also through under the armpit breast implants. This is a technique that involves inserting a saline breast implant through an incision made in an armpit that is repositioned into the breast.

Although there is nothing wrong with under the armpit breast implants, we prefer at Harley St. to use under the breast implants. As this gives the the surgeon more visibility when using the Keller Funnel to place the implant and incisions are hidden beneath the breast – so our patients can still wear strappy tops with confidence.

This type of chest operation offers a surgical solution to a range of aesthetic or congenital concerns. Ideal for those who are concerned with the shape, size or definition of the pectoral area, it’s perfect for enhancing the chest by creating a symmetrical, defined and muscular appearance.

The surgical process begins with a thorough consultation in which we will discuss your medical history, the procedure and method itself, and the results you’re hoping to achieve. The procedure requires general anaesthesia which means you’ll have to visit one of our partnering clinics which is on Harley St, Mayfair or Battersea.


The method of inserting and positioning the implant will depend on your preferences, anatomy and your surgeon’s recommendation. The shape and size of the implants may vary on each side to enhance proportions and make the appearance of the chest more symmetrical.


What to Expect Post-Surgery

After your surgery we always advise our patients to mobilise gently and gradually reintroduce their normal activities back into their life – especially activities such as exercise or any strenuous activity, (this recovery time is usually 2-4 weeks). It’s also important to regain your normal posture to avoid placing any excess stress on your back.

One key piece of advice is to sleep on your back for two weeks following, as due to the nature of surgery, your body will be sensitive and still adjusting to your new implants which is why we recommend waiting until this time is over before returning to your regular sleep habits. Propping yourself up with pillows or cushions will help keep you comfortable if you don’t enjoy sleeping on your back!



Our care does not stop after surgery, so you can be reassured that our team will be with you every step of the way.

Here are 3 things to know about your breast enlargement London recovery and Pectoral Implants:

You may notice changes in the breast and nipple sensations. This is normal where the patient can experience an increase in sensitivity and also a decrease.

Scarring can occur which improves over the years and the colouring can be different compared to your usual skin tone – scars range in colour and can be shades of white, pink and brown. We may advise you to meet with our Non-Surgical Co-Ordinator if you are very bothered by your scarring as they will be able to suggest laser or light treatments that can help improve their appearance. We recommend taking some of 111SKIN’s Reparative Beauty Dose. These are supplements to help accelerate your internal repair functions. 111SKIN’s Y Theorem Repair Serum is also advised to use and incorporated into your skincare regime throughout recovery and beyond (you will be given one at your first follow-up appointment).

The final results of surgery can take up to one year as this is how long it will take for your breast muscles and skin tissue to settle completely and heal. Although you’ll be able to see the results straightaway, it is only until this year is up that the true results can be seen as the breasts may subtly change throughout the recovery process. If you experience bleeding or anything unusual, please reach out to our team.





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