How does it work?

The approach taken will depend on your goals and what you wish to get out of the treatment. For example, if you’re looking for transformation, layering injectables will work wonders. However, if you’re looking for rejuvenation, a combination of injectables and devices could help you achieve faster results with less treatment time.

Layering injectables is Dr Ivona’s forte. Her Face Design treatment produces the sensational results it does because of her in-depth knowledge of facial anatomy. She believes that it works so well because she is able to target many facial muscles. “Face Design works by targeting the 42 muscles and fat pads in the face. As everything is already overlapping and over-connected, layering and alternating the needle depth helps to bring balance to your appearance.” She adds that “the tonality of the muscles are then optimised.”


What does Face Design involve?

Face Design often involves the use of Botox, Dermal Fillers and Threads. However, Dr Ivona can use almost anything – such as our range of bio-stimulants. She is also able to perform a Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty, Profiloplasty and Liquid Facelift – depending on what you want to achieve.

See her Profiloplasty results for yourself!

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Which other injectables can be layered?

Violite and Profhilo are an amazing skin-brightening duo as it offers an instant lift alongside the long-term regenerating benefits that Profhilo delivers.

Bio-stimulants, like Profhilo and Mesotherapy give superb results when paired together. Profhilo produces a natural lift as it works to stimulate collagen production and contains hyaluronic acid meaning it’s a more natural alternative to filler – and perfect for rejuvenating aged or ageing skin.

Mesotherapy is another great treatment to layer and works well with most fillers and bio-stimulants. This is a type of injectable treatment that transports essential vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants, and minerals directly into the skin. It doesn’t have a volumizing effect but ensures that your body is equipped to fight the effects of free radical damage, to the signs – all while brightening and boosting overall skin health.

Together you can achieve double the nourishment in a single session.

Our Nurse Claudia will create result you’ll just love and the perfect treatment combinations for you will be outlined during your consultation.

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Which devices can be paired?

Depending on how fast you want to see results, some amazing treatments to pair together are Accent Prime with a Chemical Peel (for skin-tightening and laxity concerns) or ClearSkin and Chemical Peels (for blemish or problem skin).

Due to the active chemical nature of skin peels, they help to give your skin a boost and that post-facial glow that we all love.

Another amazing combination is Potenza and Thermage – although these can’t be performed immediately after one another, if you’re patient – spacing your treatments a few weeks apart –they can produce the best non-surgical results.

Potenza, which is a combination of radio frequency and microneedling, works to improve skin texture and tone, while Thermage gives you an instant tightening effect and deep dermal collagen stimulation. Together they are an unrivalled pair, an anti-ageing essential.


Why layer treatments?

Layering treatments means you can target the many layers of skin, causing cellular reactions, boosting skin health, encouraging the generation of new skin cells and collagen for results that last.

For fillers, layering means you have an enhanced effect. It also means you are getting the most of your treatments, utilising them and ensuring they give you the results you want.

Another benefit of layering is that you can target multiple concerns at once, such as acne or pigmentation, or loss of volume and lack of definition. Combining and layering treatments is one thing your skin will thank you for.




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