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How can I treat Cystic acne?

If you are suffering with cystic acne the first step is to approach your doctor or dermatologist. They might advise a course of antibiotics or retinoids. In some cases they may advise stronger creams such as Isotretinoin or Roaccutane but these should be approached with extreme caution as they have been linked with severe depression and other extreme side effects. Isotretinoin also carries the risk of scars, as whilst the drug treats the underlying problem it also impairs the skin’s ability to heal.

Or, you could visit our clinic for some alternative methods and light-based therapies which are widely effective in treating cystic acne. Some of our methods include Lightfinity Express, ClearSkin and Potenza.


Not to be confused with our anti-ageing treatment, ClearLift, the acne-fighting ClearSkin treatment is one of a kind. It combines a non-ablative laser (meaning it’s atraumatic to the skin), has a cooling mechanism and vacuum system to soothe skin, target active acne – such as papules and cysts – and remove bacteria that contributes to angry flares of acne.

This treatment employs a non-fractional laser and vacuum technology to deeply unclog pores and lastingly destroy bacteria. ClearSkin also helps to reduce sebaceous gland activity to keep your skin oil-free for longer. The perfect, no-downtime-needed treatment to deeply cleanse and clear your skin, for radiance every time.

Senior Aesthetician Rachael, can treat the whole face or concentrate on individual blemishes, depending on your concern.

She says, “The best thing about ClearSkin is that it’s painless, doesn’t cause any redness and combines really well with a Chemical Peel.”


Lightfinity Express

Using LED light, Lightfinity Express helps treat acne scars and rejuvenate the skin’s surface. A gentle and quick photofacial that is suitable for all skin types and pregnant women. Blue light wavelengths wash over your complexion meaning you’ll reap both its anti-bacterial and redness-reducing benefits. Then, a pass of red light will help stimulate collagen renewal and encourage the removal of debris and help improve the appearance of acne scars.


Potenza has outstanding results that can be used on individual acne lesions or target post-active acne scarring. Using different tips and single-needled hand pieces to deliver shallow and deep treatments precisely, expect dramatically improved skin texture and an overall clearer, clarified complexion.

We highly recommend that you book a consultation with us to help create a bespoke programme for your acne skin needs.

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