Mesotherapy itself is very straightforward, and stands out from other injectables because of it’s technique and how it uniquely is administered all over the face, in tiny, micro-injections to flood your skin with nutrients. Claudia, our Aesthetic Nurse, often describes it as a “Vitamin IV-Drip but for your skin.”

During each treatment, Nurse Claudia administer the injections, expertly curated to complement and rejuvenate your complexion. Using very fine needles, a bespoke blend of peptides, growth factors and antioxidants, they are carefully and accurately injected into the mesoderm (the middle layer of the skin) to amplify its quality. With results becoming more pronounced over a series of treatments and taking an average of 30 minutes to an hour in each session, Mesotherapy provides the intense hydration and revitalisation your skin may currently need.

Did you know there are different types of Mesotherapy?

At 111 Harley St., we only work with the most premium and highly-regarded providers in the world, and as a result, our treatments, such as Mesotherapy, are some of the best globally.

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Volite Mesotherapy

Considered the next generation in Mesotherapy fillers, Juvederm’s Volite Mesotherapy specialises in creating extraordinary hydration, elasticity and softness for the skin. It is different in the industry for its high degree of smoothness, elasticity, and minimal swelling after injection. Juvederm Volite intensely hydrates, increases skin density, refreshes and rejuvenates underneath the surface, resulting in a plump and radiant complexion.

What’s special about it?

“What’s special about Mesotherapy is that it targets the whole face,” says Nurse Claudia. “I first mark my patient’s face with a grid so I can target each individual sector.”

“This means I give my patients a full, and even rejuvenation,” she adds.

Some of the benefits are:

✓ Increased luminosity
✓ Diminishes dullness and dehydration
✓ Improves fine lines and wrinkles
✓ Flushes out toxins
✓ Improves blood circulation for a natural rosiness

The beauty of Mesotherapy

The beauty of Mesotherapy is that it can pair with several treatments for an advanced treatment result. For the ultimate guide to glowing skin, consider pairing Mesotherapy with Potenza RF Microneedling. The two work as an efficacious combination that enhances better penetration. Using the ultra-fine needles from the Potenza device, the signature Mesotherapy cocktail of vitamins, minerals and hyaluronic acid will be infused into the skin.


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Profhilo and Mesotherapy

For a double glow and subtle lift, we recommend pairing Profhilo and Mesotherapy.

Profhilo is the award-winning and subtly volumising, youth-enhancing treatment to combat laxity, restore firmness and attract water in the deepest layers of skin. By stimulating both collagen and elastin, when paired with Volite (Mesotherapy), the magnified hyaluronic acid results are unparalleled.

Mesotherapy and Vitamin IV Drip

Another great combination would be having a Vitamin IV Drip while having your Mesotherapy treatment, this means that you can make the most of your time and reap the benefits of it’s double nourishment.

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For an at-home treatment Dr Yannis wanted create a product that mimics the effects of Mesotherapy from the comfort of your own home. We recommend that you follow your in-clinic treatment with the 111SKIN Meso Infusion Overnight Micro Mask that uses 150 micro cones in its technology to deliver vitamin C and hyaluronic acid to the skin to aid further rejuvenation.

Watch Claudia answer all your questions about Volite as Mesotherapy.

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Claudia is our other injectable specialist and works to create stellar results by listening to her patients needs and using her exemplary experience to meet them. Her focus is always on enhancing the features and creating natural-looking results her patients love and she is renowned for her gentle technique.

As our certified ‘needle wiz’ (in the words of one of Claudia’s patient), she’ll ensure you’ll love the results of her Mesotherapy treatment.


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