Our Hands Go Through A Lot

Our hands go through a lot – they’re exposed to weather extremities, harsh products, germs, and while protecting them with gloves and hydrating them with creams can only go so far, treatments are one way to introduce a more long-term result. An in-clinic approach is a must for anyone serious about winding back the hands of time (so to speak).

Are your hands showing the signs of ageing? Use this image to see common symptoms.

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For Volume Loss & General Rejuvenation

Choose ClearLift. Often used on the face, but equally as good on the hands, ClearLift is what we often recommend as an introductory treatment, ideal for someone who has never had a professional treatment before.

It’s a light-based treatment, it’s perfect for rejuvenation – improving the appearance of sun damagefine lines and wrinkles. It has collagen remodelling powers and restores your hand’s glow with it’s infrared technology.

It is also painless, meaning no downtime. With this treatment, patience is key as the collagen stimulation does not happen immediately, it is a gradual process where as each day passes you’ll begin to see improvements.

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For Pigmentation

It’s got to be DYE-VL. DYE-VL is another light-based treatment, that combines laser and fluorescent light technologies to diminish age spots, visible broken vessels, birthmarks or background redness – such as rosacea – that can appear on the hands.

DYE-VL, utilises IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) and laser combined and is a treatment designed to treat all types of pigmentation. The AFT, or Advanced Fluorescent Technology emitted during the treatment attracts haemoglobin present in the skin, where these cells start absorbing the light energy which is then converted to heat energy. The rising temperature in the skin then destroys the unwanted pigment and rejuvenates your skin tone, leaving you with smoother, unblemished hands.

For Texture Improvement

Profhilo is a superior treatment tailored to improving uneven texture and tone, but also by advancing luminosity as it intensely hydrates the hands and diminishes any texture concerns alongside dullness, lines and laxity. Best results seen after 2-3 treatments.

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For Dehydration or Loss of Volume

If the skin on your hands is feeling thin, tight or crepey, that means that your hands are missing vital volume and hydration that gives them an overall plumper feel. Dermal Fillers are an injectable treatment for treating volume loss and is versatile enough to be used on the hands. As it is formulated predominately with hyaluronic acid, a naturally-occurring element in the skin, known for it’s super smoothing, hydrating and water-attracting qualities, it’ll leave you with naturally plumper hands.

By directly injecting the filler into the area of concern, it will help to enhance and define the appearance of the hands. See the results for yourself:

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For Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Like the face and décolletage, the hands are another area that can show signs of age and depletion – with the natural process of collagen and elastin loss, it can leave the hands looking frail and fragile.

There are an array of treatments available from Dermal Fillers, ClearLift and Dye-VL, where Dye-VL and ClearLift work to increase collagen and elastin production, softening the skin for visible results, and Dermal Fillers and Profhilo help to fill and plump the skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles gradually… However, if these aren’t appealing to you, we have another, more newer option: Nucleadyn.

Nucleadyn would be great for restoring your hands to their former glory. As it’s one of our newest treatments, it’s a hybrid product that harnesses the latest injectable technology to give you a non-filler, bio collagen stimulator. Made from polynucleotides (which are extremely important in regenerative medicines), which will provide long-term collagen stimulation for naturally plumper, supple hands. Discover it today.


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Powered by superior skincare ingredients, this intense hand treatment from 111SKIN has been formulated to deliver unparalleled nourishment to overworked and prematurely ageing hands.


Meet Rachael, our Senior Aesthetician, who will perform all your device-led treatments, like DYE-VL. Then we have Dr Ivona, our Aesthetic Doctor, who expertly performs our injectable treatments. In the middle is Kerstie, our Head of Non-Surgical Department who you’ll have you initial consultation with and she will help create for you a bespoke package, one that will meet your hand goals. Second from the right, is Violeta, who is our Aesthetician and will additionally perform any device-led treatments you desire, like ClearLift. Finally, on the end is Claudia, our Aesthetic Nurse, who also specialises in our injectable treatments.



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