What types of Breast Surgeries are there?

The main types of breast surgeries we offer are:

Breast enlargement – probably one of our most popular and well-known procedures. This involves enhancing the shape and size of your breasts using bio-compatible implant technology.

Breast reduction – as our breast reduction specialist Mr Reza is extremely skilled at reducing the appearance of the breasts to alleviate any physical pain they cause – and restore your newly found self confidence. and there are different types of breast reduction too.

This is one of Mr Reza’s patients, who is four weeks post-op.


Breast uplift – otherwise known as a ‘Mastopexy’, a Breast Uplift is a procedure that can lift the breasts to a more aesthetically pleasing position. This can often be thought of as a natural augmentation, where Mr Reza will simply reposition your existing breast tissue.

Breast implant removal – is another type of procedure we offer at 111 Harley St. which involves replacing an old breast implant, or removing permanently an unwanted implant.

Use this image to understand how each incision works and your suitability.

The Best Procedures to Combine

To get the best results from your surgery, a combination approach is often recommended.

Breast Reduction and Uplift

These two procedures are generally performed along each other as without elevating the breasts, the laxity issues originally experienced will not be resolved.

As our breast reduction surgeon, Mr Reza can also perform a Breast Reduction with Implants – which is ideal for someone looking to establish a rounder, albeit it, smaller shape.

Breast Lift and Breast Enlargement 

This is another example of Mr Reza’s work, and how Breast Lift can be used to immediately improve asymmetry and laxity (this patient was only 3 weeks post-op).

As you can see above, a Breast Lift on its own produces amazing results.

However, when you combine both a Breast Lift and Implant together, the result it much more dramatic. It increases your projection and size – and overall enhances the final result.

See the below results which are only 3 weeks post-surgery.


Some classic Breast pairings would be:

Fat Injections and Breast Augmentation – this is a very common pairing and can be used to enlarge your breasts or simply contour or soften your cleavage. Using a technique called micrografting, Mr Reza will harvest fat cells from your stomach, hips, thighs, back or arms (or any area that holds fat that you wish to slightly reduce).

Once the fat has been placed in a centrifuge, which spins it rapidly and separates the blood cells from the fat, he will then inject the pure fat and growth factors into the breasts that add natural volume. One benefit of this is that it completely bio-compatible.




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