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The First Big Milestone: The Consultation

This is when you’ll meet Dr Yannis, the Founder of 111 Harley St. and 111SKIN and one of the best Rhinoplasty surgeons around.

As a specialist in nose jobs, his extensive knowledge in Facial Reconstructive Surgery, combined with over thirty years of surgical experience and countless positive reviews from happy patients, you’ll feel in very safe hands.

So, back to the consultation… This can either be a virtual or in-clinic consultation and is an opportunity for you to openly express your desires regarding your nose augmentation. Dr Yannis can also use nose simulation technology to show you what your nose could look like after the surgery.

If you’re happy, and wish to go through with your surgery, the next steps are speaking to our Surgical Team, Abi and Chloe, who will help book your pre-op appointment and discuss Rhinoplasty finance options.

Zuzana Nurse at 111 Harley St.

The Next Milestone: The Pre-Op

This usually happens a month before your scheduled surgery date and will be with our Surgical Nurses. You’ll come to our 111 Harley St. clinic and Zuzana or Rita (our Surgical Nurses) will take pictures of your nose for your medical file. These will help Dr Yannis and will also have hanging in the theatre for his reference during surgery. We will use these photos to show you your before and after Rhinoplasty results.

Our team will then ask you some mandatory questions regarding your medical history and you will be required to do a blood test and MRSA swab. These are to check for things such as blood sugar levels, to detect anaemia and to outline if you have any blood abnormalities which may impact your surgery.

The MRSA swab is to detect if you have any bacteria called Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) present in the body. This is usually a harmless bacteria that lives on the skin but if it gets inside the body, it can cause more serious infections that needs to be treated with antibiotics.

Aside from these two tests you should be all ready and we can move onto the next milestone!

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The Surgery: A Big Milestone!

With the exception of Top Refinement, most Rhinoplasty surgeries are performed under general anaesthetic, this means you’ll be asleep during your procedure. Before going under general anaesthetic it is important not eat in the 6 hours prior to your surgery as this can increase risks. You should be able to drink water up to 2 hours beforehand, and if you have any other questions regarding anaesthetic, you can speak to our Head Anaesthetist, Dr Hish.

On the day of your surgery you’ll arrive at your designated hospital clinic. We have partner hospitals in Battersea, Mayfair and Harley Street. You’ll be greeted by the team and taken to a private room to change into your surgical gown. Next, Dr Yannis will come and see you and discuss one last time exactly what you want to achieve from your surgery. He will then mark your nose and you’ll be ready to go into the theatre!

Going into the theatre may be nerve wracking, however, think of it as being as easy as going to sleep.

Once you wake up your nose will be in a cast and you should be able to go home on the day. We do advise that you ask a friend or relative to drive you home after your discharge from the hospital.

Dr Yannis will give you pain relief and potentially antibiotics to ensure your first few days are comfortable. Some of our patients don’t take the full course of pain relief and stop three days following their surgery, so this shows that recovery is already better than they expected.

Initially, in the first week you should be extremely kind to yourself: relaxing often and not touching your nose or newly placed cast. You probably won’t be feeling your best, your face may appear puffy, ache and you might experience some numbness – this is all completely normal and symptoms synonymous with surgical procedures. You can still shower or have a bath, just be careful to not get your nose or the dressing wet. It is also advised to sleep with your head elevated.

After one week, we then go onto the next milestone which is your first post-surgery follow up.

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Developed Dramatic Healing Serum

The Next Milestone

We always advise our patients to come back into the clinic for their first follow-up, as some would prefer to show their results on a Skype or FaceTime, however the first one is extremely important so it’s highly recommended for us to examine your nose in person (of course, depending on your schedule we can book it to suit you)!

During this time, our Surgical Nurse will clean the area and give you some of Dr Yannis’ Dramatic Healing Serum, this is the serum that inspired the creation of his skincare brand, 111SKIN.

Our team are also available out of hours if you have any questions regarding what you should and shouldn’t do after your surgery, so they will be available to help you.

One thing our patients often ask us about is when they can smoke after surgery, or drink alcohol after surgery. We do advise our patients to avoid smoking or drinking alcohol afterwards as this can increase the risk of infection, bruising and bleeding where your stitches are. We often see poor healing of the skin affecting smokers the most, to ensure your seamless recovery, please try and abstain – this definitely has to be one of our top tips!

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The Reveal Milestone

Around 10 days afterwards you’ll have one more follow-up where your cast will be removed, and any stitches will be removed too. You may experience some swelling around the cast which should diminish in the hours following.

Now, your cast is off, you can elevate your post-surgery healing with two options: Endermologie, which is a type of lymphatic massage that essentially mobilises the fluid (called lymph) in the body that can build up and lead to swelling, and our Celluma LED Light Therapy. The mixed low-level light Celluma delivers targets inflammation on a dermal level and will also rejuvenate and give you back a glow that will enhance how your skin, and nose, will look overall!

A combination of both these is the perfect way to diminish the visible signs of surgery such as any bruising or scarring.

Our Surgical Nurses, Zuzana and Rita, will talk with you about your options and give you a good supply of Dramatic Healing Serum to use morning and evening to really bring together your post-care package.

If you’re looking for a more advanced homecare routine to really take care of your skin, post-op, our Aftercare Packs contain 111SKIN skincare products, handpicked by Dr Yannis, that come in a beautiful 111SKIN embossed bag.

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A woman is wearing a skincare face mask

After a Rhinoplasty surgery, the recommended products to use would be the:

  • Dramatic Healing Serum (of course!) which contains Dr Yannis signature NAC Y² ingredients (built of an amino-acid, NAC, and active ingredients Escin and Vitamin C)
  • The Y Theorem Concentrate which is a seven-day treatment to make skin stronger than ever. Each ampoule treats the skin to a dose of Dr Yannis’ NAC Y², fortifying your complexion and elevating your skin back to, and beyond, it’s pre-surgery health.
  • The Repair Serum NAC Y²: two pumps day and night of this super serum will aid post-surgical scar healing and give you the plump and nourished skin of your dreams!
  • Y Theorem Bio Cellulose Facial Masks – these are made of the superior Bio-Cellulose material cats as a second skin to encourage optimal absorption of ultra-active ingredients.

If you choose not have any non-surgical treatments to aid your healing, the next follow-ups will be your 6 weeks, 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months with Dr Yannis.

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A woman is having her nose cast removed after surgery

Recovery Milestones

After your first follow-up and cast removal some important milestones for your recovery will be at the 3-, 6- and 12-month marks. 12 months is when you’ll see the truest final result as even at the 3 and 6 month marks the nose is still changing and settling. Healing is a process and needs time as the skin tissue may still be settling have some prolonged swelling that needs to diminish first before considering Rhinoplasty Revision or alteration.

Of course, it is rare that Dr Yannis’ patient’s request a revision and his experience simply speaks for itself! His distinct ability to listen to his patients’ needs and create results they love is why he is one of the most sought after Plastic Surgeons in London!

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If you’re not ready for a full Rhinoplasty surgery, but are still looking to alter the appearance of your nose we have Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty options, which can change your nose on a more temporary basis using Dermal Fillers

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