Kerstie Lyons

Kerstie Lyons

Head of Non-Surgical Department

An integral part of the team, Kerstie heads our Non-Surgical Department, dealing with all things injectable, treatment and skin related. Leading patients’ non-surgical consultations, she also specialises in promoting and informing you on all our non-surgical treatments. With over 20 years of industry experience in both cosmetic surgery and non-surgical patient care, she advises on concerns and corrective treatments before allocating you the best practitioner.

Outlook as Head of Non-Surgical Department

Kerstie is a very passionate and thorough Head of Non-Surgical Department who strives to deliver a stellar experience for each patient within Harley St. Through her calm and friendly approach, she always goes above and beyond in her professional relationships to guide patients through any concerns as well as remains on hand to guide patients through any concerns they may have no matter how big or small. From her outstanding experience, Kerstie has developed treatment plans for patients and a tailored aftercare plan that will ensure patient recovery alongside the guidance of our practitioners. Always striving for the best results, Kerstie is an asset to the team.

Education & Experience

A highly qualified Aesthetician with over 6 years of experience in non-surgical consultations with patients, since 2015 in cosmetic industry and since 2006 in customer care. Both passionate and confident in navigating the beauty and aesthetics industry.



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