Rise in “Mommy Makeover” surgery addressed

A doctor has explained why many new mums are undergoing cosmetic procedures after giving birth to help get their figure back.

Writing for, Stephen M Krant explained that whilst many mums are overjoyed at the new addition to the family, many still want to get back the figure they used to have.

For many this can be a difficult, or even impossible task, as changes which take place during pregnancy can sometimes be irreversible. As a result, countless new mums have opted to go under the knife in order to help reshape the areas where dieting and exercise alone couldn’t help.

Krant referred to this process as ‘Mommy Makeover’ surgery, although noted that it will often comprise more than one procedure, as no two experiences are exactly the same. So in order to achieve the best results, some new mums may wish to pair up a tummy tuck operation with breast augmentation in order to get a result much closer to the old body they had before pregnancy.

“Women seeking plastic surgery after giving birth tend to be interested in several key areas: the breasts, the abdomen, the hips and the thighs,” Krant told

“During pregnancy and while nursing, breast enlargement stretches the skin, often resulting in a sagging of the breasts. Meanwhile, stubborn fat deposits often show up around the abdomen, hips and thighs, and the skin and muscles of the abdomen that were stretched during pregnancy may become lax and loose thereafter.”

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