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3 things we can all learn from Asian skincare regimes

You’d be forgiven if you’ve ever mistaken someone with an Asian origin for looking younger than they are. Some are genetically blessed with smooth and poreless skin that never seems to age. Many are on an ever-lasting quest to find the secret to looking younger, so what things can we learn from Asian skincare?

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So… you think you want a nose job?

A nose job is still one of the most popular facial surgeries in the UK, and accounted for 4,205 of recorded surgeries by BAAPS, and is particularly favoured by men. The nose is such a focal point of the face, and if you’ve ever considered getting a nose job, there are a number of things you should know…

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Snacks to beat the bloat

Many of us suffer from digestive related intolerances. These foods will battle the bloat.

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The dangers of at-home dermarolling

When performed in a medical setting, dermarolling can achieve great results.

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At home micro-needling vs clinical

Micro-needling stimulates collagen production, working as an anti-ageing treatment.

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Self help guide to fuller lips!

“Luscious lips” are the words that are on everyone’s mouths at the moment… Voluminous lips are among one of the fastest growing cosmetic surgery trends that’s not showing any signs of slowing down.

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10 questions to ask yourself before considering plastic surgery

Even before you have your consultation, you need to have some degree of certainty that you wish to undergo a life changing operation before even considering plastic surgery. I prefer and advise non-surgical procedures where applicable as they often come with less risk and less longevity. However, surgical operations often: leave scarring, the results are […]

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3 steps to reduce pore size

The desire for smaller pore size is something that many of us have. Smaller pores can create a smoother and younger looking appearance. However, smooth and poreless skin is something that not many of us are blessed with.

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Gluteal Atrophy: Should You Consider Buttock Implants?

The interest in larger buttocks appears to be increasing and it is not a surprise due to its prevalence within the mainstream media. Whilst some of us may have been genetically blessed with a large gluteus maximus, others can suffer from gluteal atrophy and ‘saggy bottoms.’ What are the causes of Gluteal Atrophy? Gluteal Atrophy […]

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Where You’re Going Wrong Treating Adult Acne

Contrary to popular belief acne is not a teenage problem. In fact it effects people in their twenties, thirties, forties and, sometimes, even their fifties. What you might not know if you're still suffering with acne well into adulthood is that even though it doesn't look like it, your skin is changing. No longer can you reach for the same products that you did in your teens.

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