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Breast Lift Or Breast Augmentation – What’s The Difference?

With a variety of surgical breast-enhancing options available, and different terms used to describe them, deciding whether a breast lift or breast augmentation is right for you can be overwhelming.

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Fat Transfer cn

Fat Transfer To The Forehead

Within the Asian culture, the fat transfer to the forehead is a coveted surgical technique. Culturally, we might expect to see a flatter-looking forehead among Chinese patients.

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Breast Uplift CN

Understanding Breast ptosis

Breast ptosis is one of the most common conditions that we treat as plastic surgeons. ‘Ptosis’ refers to when the breasts sag or droop. The extent to which this happens varies between patients. Generally, when the nipple and the lower pole of the breast sit below the breast crease, you have some degree of sagging.

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Breast Reduction Surgery London

The Subtle Boob Job

Many women are opting for more natural-looking perkier breasts, and there are a couple of surgical methods to achieve this.

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Liposonix Inch Loss Ultrasound Treatment London

What Are Banana Rolls?

Banana rolls refer to the crescent-shaped area of fat or skin that resides just below the butt cheeks. To treat banana rolls, you may require a combination of non-surgical treatments or surgical intervention.

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What Are Hip Dips?

A hip dip refers to the inward curve that sits on each side of the hip just below the hip bone, known as ‘hip dips’ or ‘violin hips’.

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Lip surgery

How To Shorten The Philtrum

The philtrum is the area of skin, beneath your nose and above your lips. It can be shortened with a lip lift and will give the appearance of a larger upper lip.

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How To Avoid Pollybeak Deformity

Is your nose not healing in the way that you expected it to after a Rhinoplasty surgery? Does your tip look slightly downturned with a wider beak-like bridge? If so, you may be suffering from Pollybeak deformity.

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breast implant risks

Breast Implant Risks

The Risks Of Breast Implants – We’ve asked Dr Yannis to discuss some of the risks of breast implants like bottoming out & capsular contracture.

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men's grooming day

The Gentlemen’s Grooming Guide

We’ve asked Dr Yannis for his top maintenance tips that should be an essential part of any man’s lifestyle and skincare routine.

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Zoom Face

#Zoomface Treatments With Popsugar

4 other doctors delve into what the most sought-after zoom-ready treatments are in the cosmetic surgery world post-lockdown with Popsugar.

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111SKIN Reparative Facial

How Summer Looks After Lockdown

Dr Yannis’ makes his top-three treatment and procedure recommendations for July, now that we have the green light for summer!

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