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under eye wrinkles

Treating Under Eye Wrinkles

Expert Advice on how to effectively treat under-eye wrinkles and smooth the skin under the eyes with skincare and non-surgical treatments at 111 Harley St.

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men's grooming day

The Gentlemen’s Grooming Guide

We’ve asked Dr Yannis for his top maintenance tips that should be an essential part of any man’s lifestyle and skincare routine.

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Zoom Face

#Zoomface Treatments With Popsugar

4 other doctors delve into what the most sought-after zoom-ready treatments are in the cosmetic surgery world post-lockdown with Popsugar.

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How to care for combination skin

Having combination skin can be the most frustrating skincare types of all. If you have dry skin or oily skin, it can be easier to rectify as there are vast ingredients and skincare solutions. Whereas, having combination skin means that different areas of the face have varying problems.

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Enerpeel aftercare info

What is an Enerpeel? An enerpeel is a chemical exfoliation skin peel which exfoliates the skin at different depths. It aims to treat several age related factors including wrinkles, sun damage and pigmentation, and keratinic lesions. It is perfectly designed to treat the face and neck and can be tailored to an individual’s skin type […]

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Healthy Summer Skin Guide

Caring for your skin during the summer months can be a difficult thing; you assume that getting Vitamin D from the sun would be a good thing… it even feels warm and assuring on your skin. However, sun and UV exposure are one of the most damaging factors to our skin. The summer can bring […]

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Four Treatments To Be Fabulous at Forty

At Forty, fine lines that you noticed in your thirties may be deepening and becoming fully formed wrinkles. You may also be seeing crowns feet and signs of age spots and hyper-pigmentation. Ageing is inevitable. Both intrinsic (genetics) and extrinsic (free radicals, lifestyle) will contribute to accelerated ageing. Fortunately, those with the fear of going […]

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