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Fat Transfer cn

Fat Transfer To The Forehead

Within the Asian culture, the fat transfer to the forehead is a coveted surgical technique. Culturally, we might expect to see a flatter-looking forehead among Chinese patients.

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Breast Uplift CN

Understanding Breast ptosis

Breast ptosis is one of the most common conditions that we treat as plastic surgeons. ‘Ptosis’ refers to when the breasts sag or droop. The extent to which this happens varies between patients. Generally, when the nipple and the lower pole of the breast sit below the breast crease, you have some degree of sagging.

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breast implant risks

Breast Implant Risks

The Risks Of Breast Implants – We’ve asked Dr Yannis to discuss some of the risks of breast implants like bottoming out & capsular contracture.

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Harmony XL Pro Laser

Let’s Talk About This Laser

Lasers have become the go-to non-invasive treatment over the past few years, offering fast treatment times with minimal discomfort and minimal downtime which are suitable for most, if not all skin types. Ablative (surface-based) and non-ablative (dermis based) lasers are able to address most common skin issues.

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The dangers of at-home dermarolling

When performed in a medical setting, dermarolling can achieve great results.

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What it really takes to be a hand model

Becoming a top model is an aspiration among many, but, what does it take to be a top hand model?

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An introduction to 111CRYO: Cryotherapy

Dr Yannis launches his latest venture that is 111Cryo, a Cryotherapy chamber in Harvey Nichols.

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Lip Fillers vs. Lip Lift

Many of us dream of having bigger lips like Angelina Jolie or Kylie Jenner. Voluptuous lips are the plastic surgery trend that continues to grow.

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Butt Lift Misconceptions

Many people become confused when it comes to augmenting the buttocks because they don’t understand the different methods that are used. A butt lift differs from buttock implants in that the buttock can be augmented with implants, or it can be augmented with buttock fat injections. The latter is what is commonly referred to as […]

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Uncovering a rare condition: Lipodystrophy

What is Lipodystrophy? Lipodystrophy is a rare genetic syndrome that is characterised by the loss and redistribution of fat calls. The progressive disorder means that the sufferers skin lacks considerable volume due to the lack of fat and therefore can make an individual look much older than their age. Whilst Lipodystrophy is rare, it can be […]

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The benefits of surgery without general anaesthesia

The thought of having to undergo any surgery can be unnerving. It can provide life-changing results, but the build-up to the operation can evoke fears and anxiety in patients.

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Types Of Breast Lift Scarring

What will the breast lift scarring look like? Prior to having your surgery, the options for the breast lift technique and the type of incision will be discussed with your surgeon. Any procedure that involves an incision will leave a residual scarring. However, the severity of the scar will depend on the type of incision […]

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