Are lip fillers right for you?

lip fillers

Certain body parts and facial features become a trend from time to time. Whether it’s a big bottom or big lips, many people resort to plastic surgery treatments to help them to fit in with the latest obsession. At the moment, lip fillers are having their moment and the interest in a fuller pout may have all stemmed from just one person…

Celebrity influence

Kylie Jenner is one of the most influential celebrities of today, and the Kardashian clan as a whole have had a huge influence on plastic surgery trends. The top trends that they have inspired include the buttock fat transfer and lip fillers. In fact, if you type Kylie Jenner’s name in to Google, one of the first links that appears is related to lip fillers.

At first, Kylie Jenner adamantly denied accusations of lip fillers, stating that the shape of her lips was the result of expertly applied makeup. Eventually, she opened up about her decision to have lip fillers, prompting others in to following in her tracks, but are lip fillers right for you?

Should you get lip fillers?

Whilst lip fillers are a non-invasive type of surgery and can achieve great results on certain candidates, they may not be best for you. Firstly, you need to consider what your motive is for lip fillers; if you convey in your consultation that you would in fact like lips like Kylie Jenner you have a high chance of being turned away, simply because everyone’s face is different and therefore it’s near impossible to achieve comparable results.

Facial Proportions

You have to consider how the lips fit proportionately with the other features on your face and whether lip fillers would complement this. For example, if there is a long distance between the bottom of your nose and the top of your lip (the philtrum) with a thin upper lip then you may not get the results you desire, as the lip fillers may make your lip protrude forward. However, if you wish to get more definition and shape in your lips and already have slight volume within the lips, then lip fillers may be a good solution.

Everyone’s goals are different. You may wish to define the shape of your cupid’s bow or you may wish to add volume. Your idea of what you wish to achieve with fillers is something of importance and should be discussed during your consultation.

Price and Longevity

Most people opt for Hyaluronic acid fillers as they provide the most natural looking results. As a consequence, the results are not forever and the patient therefore needs to return every 3-4 months to repeat the procedure if they wish to maintain their look.

Side Effects

Whilst fillers are considered safe, it’s common for bumps and swelling to occur after your procedure. You may experience the feeling of nodules and lumps in your lips which can feel strange. You should always ensure the results you want by researching the procedure and where and how the lip fillers will be administered. On rare occasions, you might experience asymmetry or distorted lips which can be caused by inexperience.

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