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What is Botox and how does it work?

Botox is a clinical treatment administered with a fine needle to weaken and paralyse the muscle underneath the skin. Derived from Botulinum bacteria, Botox is a toxin that can be extremely dangerous if not administered by a healthcare professional. However, medically licensed in the UK, Botox is proven to safe and effective and the treatment that is tailored at 111 Harley St.

Not only treat lines and wrinkles with BOTOX, but we can also lift the eyebrows, lift a downturned mouth, jowls or prevention of jowls, stop bruxism (teeth grinding), slim the jawline for squarer faces, treatment and prevention of laxity to the neck, gummy smile, lifting the tip of the nose, and to stop sweating in people who have hyperhidrosis to the underarms, hands and feet.


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The Botox Exclusive at 111 Harley St.

At 111 Harley St. we choose to exclusively use BOTOX, however, you may have heard of other brands that were developed well after BOTOX such as Azzalure/Dysport, Bocouture and Xeomin. Whilst they are all made similarly, their doses and administration can vary.

– We have the full licensing to use the versatility of BOTOX to not only treat dynamic lines from the frown, forehead and crow’s feet, but also for excessive sweating, whereas most brands do not have this advantage.

– Azzalure/Dysport and Xeomin tend to migrate further into the muscle, which if not taken into consideration can cause unwanted side effects such as ptosis (temporary drooping of the muscles such as the eyebrows), heaviness/tightness, or full immobilisation of the muscles where they are completely paralysed (this is not commonly desired). BOTOX settles into the muscle without the complex side effect.

– BOTOX has professional independent studies showcasing the longevity of Botox lasting around 3-4 months.


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Being Mindful with your BOTOX Treatment

However, like any toxin, it should be consistently maintained for the best results, particularly any anti-wrinkle treatment. Over time, excessive movements gradually causing the wearing down of your Botox treatment and so it is important to keep up with it.

Finally, we also recommend other treatments alongside BOTOX such as Hyaluronic acid injections (Dermal Fillers or Mesotherapy), lasers, PRP (plasma replacement therapy), and effective skincare products. The combined approach reduces the signs of ageing, improves the complexion and yields to much fresher and more youthful results.

* Ensure you visit a reputable injector in London who understands the anatomy of the injected area and has plenty of experience.



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