Uneven Skin Tone Treatment

Treatments for Uneven Skin Tone




Vitamin C

A highly potent antioxidant, Vitamin C is used to incur even skin tone, collagen production and in cases with a strong concentration of the active, soften and eventually remove the appearance of pigmentation. It takes time (as all good things do) but consistent vitamin C use will absolutely produce a complexion that is bright and youthful.





While topical products should generally be enough, sometimes they need to be used in conjunction with the clinic. Dye-VL is the latest generation of IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) – is a light-based treatment that targets sun spots, melasma and pigmentation in general. The light penetrates deep below the surface of the skin, breaking down melanin (aka pigment) which eventually rises to the surface and naturally sheds off.




Skin Peels

Chemical skin peels work to treat pigmentation by exfoliating and removing debris from the skin, helping to break down pigment and remove it from the surface layers.

A skin peel allows for healthy new skin cells to form in the place of the dead skin cells. They also help to reduce inflammatory pigmentation that may have been caused by acne scarring.


Laser Treatments

One of our patients favourite treatments for pigmentation is iPixel, a fractional ablative laser treatment that delivers precise beams of energy in a pixel-size formation. These beams target specific cells (often melanin cells), destroying the injured or damaged cells and stimulates collagen production to remodel the area. The result is skin that appears more uniform, smooth and even.


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