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Post-operative care

Pain post-surgery will vary from patient to patient – You will experience bruising, swelling and soreness, however, it won’t be so severe that it keeps you from daily tasks such as walking. For most, it feels like having a huge bruise in the area that was treated. – These side effects might persist for up to 6 weeks if the operation was extensive.

Any type of scarring will often be minimal as the small incisions (a few millimetres) are in discreet locations. The number of incisions needed will depend on the number of places you are having treated and whenever possible; the incisions will be hidden in a natural skin crease or fold.

At 111 Harley St, we recommend Endermologie for patients’ post-surgery. This pain-free treatment will accelerate the speed of healing and reduce oedema (swelling) and hematomas (collection of blood under the skin) as well as boosting overall skin quality and texture.


Liposuction Recovery




It is impossible to predict what size you will drop to post-surgery – a reduction in fatty tissue in the area treated will be noticeable, however, whether or not this translates into a drop in clothing size cannot be predicted pre-surgery.

Due to the swelling, it will take around three months post-operation to get more of an indication of your result and it can take up to a year to have a final indication of your new shape.

After liposuction, the fat will be permanently eradicated and cannot grow back, however it is important to note that weight gain is still possible as the remaining non treated cells can get still grow bigger. Studies have found that with a sculpting technique or Vaser lipo, the fat will not return and instead, will distribute to other areas of the body.



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