Different Types of Rhinoplasty

The Different Types of Rhinoplasty

It is important to note the different styles of Rhinoplasty available at the 111 Harley St. clinic with a range of concise options, we work with you to determine the type that would suit your goals and expectations accordingly.

Reduction Rhinoplasty

Reduction Rhinoplasty

This type of surgery reduces the overall size and volume of the nose, often by reducing the size of nostrils, it harmonises any irregularities or bumps along the bridge of the nose as well as dramatically improves the proportions.

Augmentation Rhinoplasty

Augmentation Rhinoplasty alters the nose to improve its shape. By enhancing and defining, we use autogenous tissue or silicone implants to lengthen, re-structure or carve into a preferred shape.

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Tip Refinement

Alar Reduction

Alar Reduction surgery restructures the width and base of the nose and nostrils.

Tip Refinement

Tip Refinement surgery redefines the lower third of the nose (lower lateral cartilage) but preserves the rest of the nasal structure. This procedure would be best for those wanting to reduce a larger or more bulbous nasal tip.

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Post Trauma Rhinoplasty

Post-Trauma Rhinoplasty

Post-trauma rhinoplasty resolves any previous trauma to the nose when the structure has become damaged or altered. The procedure will involve the surgeon rebuilding and restoring the nose to its original appearance (as much as possibly can be done).

Revision Rhinoplasty

This extensive surgery involves correcting the nose for those who have either suffered from severe injuries or congenital abnormalities.

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This surgery involves reshaping the nose and septum (the cartilage that divides the two nostrils inside the nose). This procedure is best suited for those that experience breathing problems as the results will help to improve the medical condition.


Similar to a Septorhinoplasty, in terms of helping to improve breathing but a septoplasty is purely for medical reasons as opposed to cosmetic reasons. Correcting a deviated septum and improving the nasal passages, this less invasive approach will improve breathing and snoring overall. If wanting to improve the appearance of the nose, we recommend combining this treatment with another style of rhinoplasty.

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To determine the exact treatment for you, we recommend a consultation with one of our expert surgeons and practitioners.


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