3D Surgical Facelift London
What is Facial Fat Transfer

What Is A 3D Surgical Facelift?

A 3D Surgical Facelift involves using fat-grafting techniques and transferring small yet vital amounts to the face to enhance, lift and sculpt results. A widely practiced form of facial rejuvenation, the advanced form of surgery means that the fat tissue can be placed almost anywhere the patient requires with little to no need for fat injections in post-surgery, as well as results lasting longer due to the fatty tissue supporting and enhancing the effect.

Treating all areas around the face, a 3D Surgical Facelift can be ideal for targeting:

– Reduce the appearance of excess and sagging skin.
– Volume Loss
– Significant creasing
– Signs of ageing

Buccal fat

What Does A 3D Surgical Facelift Treatment Involve?

The technique involves performing liposuction on the fat cells and extracting from an area on the body (most commonly the abdomen or thighs) and re-injecting into the particular areas of the face, enhancing the volume. It is important to note that the most common areas to inject the fat is in the cheeks, below the eyelids and the nasolabial folds between the nose and corners of the mouth.

Any Side Effects of Facial Fat Transfer

Are There Any Side Effects?

Recovery may take slightly longer for the fat and muscles to heal and rebuild itself with the advancement measures but it is more beneficial in the long run with statistics that show the additional volume still being a present up to 1 year post surgery.

To note pain is subjective, and whilst some patients have shared that the treatment is mildly discomforting and painful, others have not.



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