Hand Rejuvenation Treatment London
Dermal Filler for Hands rejuvenation

For Volume Loss & Hydration

If the skin on your hands is feeling thin and often crepey, that means that it is suffering from the vital volume and plumpness. Dermal Fillers are often strongly recommended for treating volume loss as it harnesses hyaluronic acid known to smooth, hydrate and plump the skin – injecting the filler will help to enhance and define the appearance of the hands.

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Profhilo For hands

For Texture Improvement

Similar in a sense for utilising Hyaluronic Acid, Profhilo is a superior treatment tailored for improving uneven texture and tone. By advancing luminosity, it intensely hydrates the hands and diminishes any texture concerns alongside dullness, lines and laxity.

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Dye-VL for hands pigmentation

For Pigmentation

The hands can so often be forgotten about when it comes to protection or the skin has experienced a trauma – whether through sun damage, a birthmark or developed as a result of skin condition such as rosacea, pigmentation can surface on the hands. Dye-VL, otherwise known as an advanced Intense Pulsed Light is a light treatment designed to treat all types of pigmentation. The cells absorbing the light energy turns it into heat which then destroys the unwanted pigment and rejuvenates the even tone within the hand.

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Treatment for lines and wrinkles on hands

For Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Like the face and décolletage, the hands are another area that can show signs of age and depletion – with the natural process of collagen and elastin loss, it can leave the hands looking frail and fragile. There are an array of treatments available from Dermal Fillers and Dye-VL. Dye-VL increases collagen and elastin production which helps skin look smooth and plump, Dermal Fillers help to plump the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

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