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VASER Liposuction for Ab Etching and Definition

VASER Liposuction is designed for specific and precise fat removal making it the perfect treatment for etching and sculpting your abs. The procedure is highly recommended because the surgeon can articulate the areas of fat removal, including sculpting the abdomen and drawing out and defining the lower abdomen (typically a difficult area of fat removal for both men and women). The etching element of the treatment involves removing the fat along the lines to create your desired appearance.

Done with great accuracy, VASER liposuction removes the fat cells permanently from the stomach area (but please remember to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle as fat cells can develop if not taken care of the body).

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The VASER Liposuction Procedure and Process

The initial step is your consultation process which will be managed by our team of experts, where we will walk through the procedure, what you can expect, and the results you can expect from VASER Liposuction. The procedure will involve the surgeon liquefying the fat in the abdominal areas before sucking it out through a small cannula, where it will be destroyed. (In some instances, you may want to transfer the excess fat to other areas of the body, such as the buttocks or thighs).

The treatment will involve patients under local anaesthesia, meaning post-recovery is required after the operation. However, nowhere near as strenuous as traditional liposuction. With the recovery time considered a month-long, we strongly advise refraining from exercise until the surgeon receives the sign-off.

In the same breath, because the body has undergone significant change, better results will be seen two weeks following the procedure as your body adjusts to the new shape and continued definition in the following months. Once completely healed, you may find that you’ll want to try skin tightening treatments such as Accent Prime for even greater results.

While VASER Liposuction is an incredibly transformative treatment for sculpting and etching your abs, our experts recommend that you are already healthy and fit with a balanced lifestyle. This treatment is also not advised for those with any underlying medical conditions.

Say hello to a sculpted and contoured six-pack this summer with the powerful solution of VASER Liposuction. Book in for your consultation now.



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