Before and After Rhinoplasty

Lighfinity Facial

Post-Surgery Healing

We cannot strongly advise the importance of allowing your nose and skin to heal and recover. With a week off work recommended after being discharged from the day hospital, we also recommend avoiding exercise for up to six weeks. Once signed off by the surgeon, book in for replenishing facial treatments to promote further healing.

LED Light Therapy

A pain-free, non-invasive light form engineered in the most efficacious way to help heal the skin and cells post-surgical treatment. The red and blue lights penetrate the skin’s dermal layers so effectively that the energy triggers your body’s natural cell process to stimulate and accelerate collagen production, which harmoniously rejuvenates, replenishes and repairs skin, speeding up recovery.


What does Light Therapy do? How does it work?

The Lightfinity Facial includes LED light treatments. Once the skin is prepped and primed, the Celluma facial halo is placed over the face and left to naturally repair any skin damage from a point of cellular rejuvenation. As a biological activity, the work is done underneath the skin’s surface to heal, rejuvenate and enhance the skin’s glow. Speeding up tissue repair, strengthening skin cells, bolstering the epidermal layer and advancing fibroblast activity, you’ll be blown away by this non-invasive advancement is pain-free yet incredibly transformative at helping to heal the nose after Rhinoplasty.

Your recovery and support doesn’t stop once the operation is complete; with a dedicated surgical and post-treatment plan, your Rhinoplasty transformation will be stellar.



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