But First – What’s The Difference Between Medical and Cosmetic Tattooing?

“Medical and Cosmetic Tattooing is largely the same treatment but is used to target different concerns.” Samia says, “Both involve etching our mineral-based pigment into the skin, but whereas Cosmetic Tattooing is like a semi-permanent makeup. It’s mainly for aesthetic purposes, to enhance your natural beauty, and improve the appearance of thinning eyebrows or undefined and lips… Medical Tattooing, on the other hand, is used to target epidermal medical concerns – things like Vitiligo, stretch marks and pigmentation. Medical Tattooing acts as great camouflage to these issues – especially scarring too.”

What’s The Most Popular Cosmetic Tattooing Treatment at 111 Harley Street?

“One of our most popular Cosmetic Tattooing treatments is Microblading. Microblading is a form of Cosmetic Tattooing where we are able to etch super-fine hair-like strokes onto the eyebrows. It’s possibly one of the most well-known – and popular forms of semi-permanent tattooing we do and can help target any hair-loss or thinning concerns, and still give you that natural fuller brow and the get-up-and-go factor in the mornings.”

What About Medical Tattooing?

“Medical Tattooing is extremely rewarding, and I’ve seen the amazing impacts it makes on my patients that wish to target more permanent conditions. We see a lot of people wanting pigmentation-correction or areola re-definition with Medical Tattooing. Recently, I recreated the areolas of a patient who had previously suffered with breast cancer. The impact it made to her self-confidence was incredible.”


How Long Does It Last?

“Medical and Cosmetic Tattooing is semi-permanent, but it does last around 1-3 years in some cases. One of the things I love about this treatment is that the colour remains very true, it doesn’t fade over time and when it does eventually fade it does so very evenly – not becoming patchy or flaky.”

Who Is It Suitable For?

“That’s another thing I love about Medical and Cosmetic Tattooing: it’s suitable for all adults. It’s one of those treatments that I see adults of all ages wanting. So, it really is for everyone – and looks good on everyone too!”

What’s Your Favourite Thing About This Treatment?

“My favourite thing about this treatment is definitely how easy it is to maintain – even more so due to the high-quality pigment we use.” Samia goes on to talk about how advanced the pigment has become, “It is derived from natural minerals and vegetables, making it extremely suitable for sensitive skin types.”

“Lip blush is another one of my favourite things about Cosmetic Tattooing as it gives you a natural, rosy tint when you wake up in the mornings. It is also acts as the perfect day-to-night makeup that can be elevated with a lipstick or gloss for a night out.”

Why Should We Choose You For This Treatment?

“All the Aestheticians at 111 Harley Street are highly-skilled in a range of treatments, but I am the only Aesthetician specialising in Medical Tattooing. I also studied colour theory to ensure I can expertly match and blend the pigment to any skin type, and still incorporate the natural hues that are present already within the skin to create a complementing colour.


Samia Vazir

Samia has worked as an Aesthetician since 2013, gaining invaluable experience alongside doctors and surgeons. She is passionate about her work and is known for the fantastic results she produces which has ensured her a long list of returning clientele.

From working in various cosmetic clinic establishments on Harley Street and playing a pivotal role in the launch of a brand new clinic in Kensington, Samia has continuously developed her skills and expertise within the fast-growing field of aesthetics.


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