What area does it target?

The tear trough is the name of the groove between the lower eye and the cheekbone. This plane is most prone to showing the signs of ageing as the skin is thin, creases easily and shows any dilated veins beneath the skin which causes shadowing.

Why do I have eye bags?

Dark circles, bags, eye moons – whatever you want to call them – can occur for several reasons and no, it’s not always because of fatigue. This is the most common misconception when it comes to under-eye bags, and although tiredness does exacerbate the appearance, pigmentation is in fact the most common reason behind dark circles.

So, any discolouration is usually a symptom of the following:

  • Allergies
  • Too much screentime
  • Familial trait
  • Poor circulation
  • Exhaustion (sometimes doesn’t cause direct dark circles but causes a shadowing from puffy upper eyelids
  • High stress or poor diet
  • Age
  • Pigmentation (from too much sun or smoking)
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How does Tear Trough Fillers help?

Tear Trough Fillers can help alleviate multiple concerns – but those with age-related loss of volume and under-eye wrinkles will benefit most from this treatment. It is also ideal for those unhappy with the luminosity of their under-eyes as our fillers contain hyaluronic acid, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals which will not only plump your under-eyes, but also nourish and brighten them. If you’re concerned with dullness, this treatment could be combined with Mesotherapy to further enhance any plumping, hyaluronic-acid goodness that your skin will experience.

For those with darker skin tones, this treatment may not be as effective. This is why we recommend you try to get to the route of your under-eyes bags. If you’re unsure about what is causing any shadowing, a consultation with our Non-Surgical Patient Co-Ordinator can help guide you. With our in-clinic or virtual services, Kerstie, our Non-Surgical Patient Co-Ordinator, will be able to help assess your skin and whether your dark circles are something that can be remedied with Tear Trough Fillers. If this treatment is unsuitable for you, she will be able to recommend another, more effective course of action.

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What can you expect during the treatment?

On the day of your treatment you’ll either be seen by our Aesthetic Doctor, Dr Ivona, or our Aesthetic Nurse, Claudia, who will treat you at one of our clinics at either  111 Harley Street or 1 Devonshire Place.

They will first clean and mark the treatment area before beginning to administer the filler. We typically use Teosyal Redensity II, created by globally-leading brand Juvéderm, because it has been specifically created to alleviate signs of ageing around the eyes.

The body of the filler consists of a cross-linked hyaluronic acid that allows it to spread and blend more easily across the skin. It also means it absorbs more moisture for longer-lasting results. Alongside containing the nourishing vitamins and amino acids mentioned earlier, Teosyal will help enhance their rejuvenating, anti-ageing and brightening effects.

Usually taking less than a hour to complete, this filler also contains Lidocaine to minimise discomfort, or if you prefer, you we can apply a topical numbing cream. Both our Aesthetic Nurse and Doctor are known for the amazing results they produce, and using micro-injections, they will ensure any signs of treatment are discrete.




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