How to deeply treat your skin

Expanding your knowledge of the skin and how each part is targeted during your treatment helps you make the most of your 111 Harley St. experience.

Skin anatomy 101

The skin is the body’s largest organ and has any benefits such as regulating temperature and protecting us from the elements. If we didn’t have skin, we wouldn’t be able to feel hot or cold sensations or touch.

Externally, the epidermis is the only layer of skin we see, but  beneath it is the dermis and beneath that, the hypodermis, where fat and muscle occurs.



Aesthetically, the epidermis is responsible for maintaining external skin health and is an area where you’ll be able to see the difference to your skin after your treatments.

This layer of skin is where rough texture shows, pigmentation, pores, wrinkles and more. The next layer is called the dermis. The dermis is a fibrous structure composed of collagen, elastic tissue and other extracellular elements. The main role of the dermis is to support and protect the skin and deeper layers. This is an important layer to target for anti-ageing effects.


A lot of our treatments act as collagen stimulators, and as collagen and elastin are two of the most important, youth-enhancing proteins, we need our treatments to be able to penetrate through the epidermis and cause dermal activity there. This will give you the best results when visiting our clinic.

The next layer, the hypodermis, is often best targeted during a surgical intervention, where Dr Yannis or Mr Reza can reveal the anatomical plane, working to elevate or reposition skin that has been affected by the signs of ageing on both the face and body.

We’re putting a spotlight on our DYE-VLClearLift and Enerpeel treatments and how they all work at different depths to rejuvenate your skin.


DYE-VL harnesses state-of-the-art AFT technology combining the power of two trusted technologies, IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) and laser. ‘AFT’ stands for ‘Advanced Fluorescent Technology’ and emits narrowband wavelengths, meaning it is the optimal range to absorb haemoglobin that contributes to vascular and pigmentation concerns.

As DYE-VL is attracted to skin irregularities, it can target both superficial freckles, pigmentation as well as deep dermal sun damage. As it works by heating the epidermis, it can reach the dermis to stimulate collagen.

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Most effective on: thread veins, background facial redness and pigmentation. Melasma will be confirmed during the consultation process.


ClearLift is known as a zero-downtime, anti-ageing treatment because of how it uniquely treats the layer beneath the skin. This means there will be no visible sign of treatment as the ablative laser it able to penetrate through the epidermis to kickstart cell regeneration.

One benefit of ClearLift is that your Aesthetician can change the settings to create a bespoke treatment. There is one changeable head for pigmentation and redness, and another for deeper rejuvenation – giving you a more customised experience for your individual needs.

Expect healthier, even skin with a brighter skin tone.



The best thing about our Enerpeel Chemical Peels is that each treatment is tailored to you. With many peels to choose from, our Aesthetician will help identify which peel is right for you depending on your concern.

Some of our most popular are below, but you can discover all our Chemical Peels online.

Salicylic Acid: for superficial epidermal concerns – such as oiliness, blocked pores etc.

Mandelic Acid: With antibacterial properties – its ideal for those who have redness, rosacea and vascular issues.

Jessner Peel: A medium-depth peel to treat melasma (skin discolouration), hyperpigmentation, and acne scars.

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Violeta has been working in Aesthetics for almost ten years and is one of our exceptional Aestheticians. Her passion for skin has remained the same since she entered the industry, where she is dedicated to delivering bespoke treatments.

Whenever you have a treatment with Violeta, you can be assured that she will always go above and beyond, and get to know you and your skin first, so expect lots of expert recommendations! She recommends the Y Theorem Repair Serum as “It’s Dr Yannis’ original serum and is an all-rounder to help improve your skin after treatment.” she says, she goes on to add that, “It works wonders on pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles – it’s everything you could need, skincare-wise.” The perfect product to accompany a DYE-VL, ClearLift or Enerpeel treatment.

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