Why does Rhinoplasty produce significant results?

As the nose is a central focal point of the face, where all the features come together, it is through Rhinoplasty where some of the biggest facial transformations are created. Plastic Surgeons, including Dr Yannis, the best Rhinoplasty surgeon here at 111 Harley St. can apply the Golden Ratio concept to their Rhinoplasty cases to ensure a positive aesthetic outcome.

The Golden Ratio can be used to help determine the best nose shape for you and is a technique that approaches facial aesthetics and beauty through a mathematical lens. The Golden Ratio exists in all creative industries, in art and design especially, and can be traced back to Ancient Greece (perfect as Dr Yannis is the Greek Plastic Surgeon on Harley Street!) – where it was originally called the ‘Divine Proportion’. This proportion was established as a ratio of 1:1:618. So, when applied in Plastic Surgery, a ‘divine proportion’ is that your nose takes up 1/6 of your face.

Of course, this is not a golden rule, no matter what the name ‘golden ratio’ implies – however it can be useful to help you decide which Rhinoplasty is right for you or what part of your nose you’d like to change. For example, depending on your concern, there are some suitable Rhinoplasty options.

Before we get into which Rhinoplasty is right for you, here is a diagram of the parts of the nose.


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If you’d like to change the width of your nose, an Alar Base Reduction may be suitable to for you. An Alar Base Reduction focuses on reducing the width of the base of the nose and narrow the width of the nostrils. It is suitable for people that have an overly wide or flared nose which can contribute to the facial features looking unbalanced – so to ensure facial harmony is restored, sometimes performing an Alar Base Reduction with a Rhinoplasty can yield the most transformative results.

If you’d like to reduce the appearance of the bridge of the nose or a bump in the nose, a Septorhinoplasty may be recommended. This is a type of Rhinoplasty surgery that targets the septum and the nasal bone. The septum is the name of the cartilage that divides the nostrils, and this is a procedure that can help to improve breathing difficulties – helping both aesthetic and medical concerns you may have.

It should be noted that many Rhinoplasty surgeries can be performed in both an Open or Closed Technique. The main difference between an Open and Closed Technique is that with the Closed Technique, all incisions are made within the nose so there are no external scars. With an Open Technique, Dr Yannis will make incisions across the alar rim (which is the part of the skin around the nostril) which while it does mean external scarring can occur, it is minimal because the incisions are hidden in the crease of the nostrils or across the septum. Both techniques produce amazing results, and one is not better than the other, it is merely a decision your Plastic Surgeon will made depending on your goals.

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If you’d like to reduce just the tip of your nose, we recommend Nose Tip Surgery. Tip Refinement is another name for this type of Rhinoplasty and it can be performed under local anaesthesia in our Harley Street theatre and usually completed in under an hour. It is a minor surgery that works on the lower third of the nose (which some say is the most visible part of the nose) and on the lower lateral cartilage. Tip Refinement is a popular option because it preserves the rest of the nasal structure. It is ideal for those with a large or bulbous nasal tip.

We sometimes refer to this type of Rhinoplasty as a Mini Rhinoplasty because it still produces great transformations, just without the recovery of a full Nose Job



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