Bonnie Lam

Chinese Patient Relation Officer

With her many years of experience in the industry, working in skincare and discovering the latest technological innovations, Bonnie’s mission is simple: to ensure that each stage of your 111 Harley St. experience is seamless. Her inquisitive nature and expertise in all things skin and the devices we use, she will help create for you an in-depth care and treatment plan and be your point of contact.

As our specialist Chinese Patient Relation Officer, she will listen to your concerns, be able to translate for you and organise each step of your journey at 111 Harley St. Under Bonnie’s supreme care, you’ll leave us with your skin in the best condition possible.

Outlook as a Patient Relation Officer

Friendly, caring and intelligent, Bonnie’s priority is ensuring that you will receive the best treatment plan and care – where her expertise lies in the details. Knowing the technology and Chinese market like the back of her hand (through her many years of industry experience) she knows that the key to an effective treatment is in managing expectations, giving you all the information you’ll need to make your decision – alongside her first-class opinion – helping shape your amazing experience at 111 Harley St. from start to finish.


Education & Experience

Having worked in the industry for many years, Bonnie’s international education and years of experience working in skincare and aesthetic markets, makes her a stellar asset to our team.

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