‘Love Handles’ Vaser Lipo For Men

Vaser Lipo

It is not just women that suffer from excess fat around the waistline. Men are also suffering from love handles. According to BAAPS, there has been a 28% increase in the number of men requesting Vase Lipo over the past year. The more image conscious man is becoming more self- aware of their love handles and are turning to Vaser Lipo as a solution.

Love Handles

Previously, men were more concerned with their upper torso’s and gaining a visible six pack with the abdomen being the second most popular area of target for Liposuction for men. However, as time has moved forward the dissatisfaction reached beyond this, and the flanks have become the most common area of concern due their notoriety for being difficult to get rid of despite rigorous exercise regimes.

As men start to age, there is more concern for looking better later in life and men are realising the fat removing, age erasing benefits of plastic surgery. As we age, the fat tends to centralise around the middle causing the look of the ‘spare tyre’ and so the concern seems to particularly be on the ‘love handles’ area. The introduction to Vaser Lipo has transformed the definition of body sculpting for men. Now, it is possible to get a sculpted body without even having to go under the knife.

Vaser Lipo is a state of the art Liposuction that is design to sculpt the body by targeting stubborn areas of fat. The procedure is not designed to move large quantities of fat from an overweight patient, which is why it is beneficial for those who are already in relatively good shape but are just looking to gain a more defined look.

The procedure uses sound to break up the fatty tissue in order to achieve the highest level of definition and toning. The process is minimally invasive and unlike traditional methods of Liposuction, Vaser Lipo does not require general anaesthetic and so the downtime is minimal with patients being able to resume their day to day activities almost immediately.

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