Big and Beautiful Eyes: Double Eyelid Surgery

double eyelid surgery

Having double eyelid surgery (Upper Blepharoplasty) can make your eyes appear wider and rounder by creating a crease higher in the eyelid. The operation is relatively straightforward and takes as little as two to three hours, performed under local anaesthetic. The majority of double eyelid surgeries are day cases and recovery is fast, with stitches being removed within seven days.

In addition, double eyelid surgery works well with other surgeries such as fillers for the chin. With fillers, you can achieve a longer and more contoured appearance. We are able to either remove fat from the upper cheeks and re-inject it into your chin, or simply inject fillers into the desired area.

Other Procedures Patients Opt For Post Double Eyelid Surgery

Other popular surgeries with Asian patients include fillers on the nose, or nose reshaping through Rhinoplasty. With Rhinoplasty, you can achieve a thinner, sloping nose. During your consultation, we can discuss your exact desires, and work together to create a look that would satisfy you within reasonable expectations.

If you’re considering plastic surgery at 111 Harley St. and are worried about a language barrier, we have translation staff in place so that you can effectively communicate your needs and desires.


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