Getting a bra after breast enlargement surgery

breast enlargement
Having new breasts can be very exciting. The size of your breast implants will mean that you will need to purchase a new bra. You will need to wait at least 4-6 weeks until your breasts have fully settled down into their new size, so you may wish to wait until the swelling has subsided before you purchase a new one. Normally in the initial few weeks you will be wearing a surgical garment, but this will be discussed with your plastic surgeon.

Initial bra purchase

As mentioned above, you are generally required to wear a supportive garment for the first few weeks. This is to help with the initial healing and helps to ensure that incisions heal correctly to avoid unnecessary scarring and movement of the implants. Wearing a normal or lacy bra may hinder your speed of recovery after your surgery and be uncomfortable for you.

The supportive bra or sports bra is usually one size bigger than your arranged cup size. For example, if you chose a C cup implant, you might be given a D cup support bra so that the material does not cause discomfort or impede the healing of the incisions.

For the first 4-6 weeks we recommend purchasing two or three support garments so that you can interchange whilst your others are in the wash. If you decide to purchase a bra that is not recommended by your plastic surgeon then try to ensure that it fastens at the back or front as lifting it over the head can be difficult during this time and cause strain on the wounds. You should always look for cotton or another comforting material that has adjustable straps. Anything that can restrict movement or can rub in any way will not be appropriate.

Several months after breast enlargement

Your breasts will continue to heal and settle over the following months after your surgery, so it is recommended that you purchase different bras in intervals rather than buying many at once. Your final results will usually be visible after several months. After several months you should arrange a professional bra fitting to ensure that you purchase the appropriate size.


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