Piercings and surgery FAQ’s


A very common question at a plastic surgery consultation is “can I keep my piercings in during my surgery?”. The short answer to this is no.

Why do I have to remove my piercing before surgery?

All metal piercings must be removed before surgery because plastic surgery involves using equipment to help prevent bleeding, however the equipment can cause an electric shock and burning if piercings are not removed.

Can I replace my piercing after surgery?

Yes, you can replace your jewellery if the area is sterile and it will not affect the area that has been treated. For example, if you had a breast enlargement and previously had your areola size made smaller through plastic surgery, you should avoid putting a nipple piercing back in as the area is likely to be swollen and tender.

So, can I have my nipples pierced after a breast enlargement?

People may get their nipple pierced for aesthetic reasons or perhaps to bring out inverted nipples. Either way, you should wait until your breasts have fully healed and any swelling has subsided before considering having your nipples pierced.

What about other piercings?

All piercings should be kept away from surgical site until the area has fully healed otherwise bacteria can increase the risk of infection if the piercings are near the area where the procedure took place. The same goes for if you are considering a piercing after your surgery; you should attempt to wait until the surgical site is fully healed to avoid infection.

After your surgery you will likely have a follow up consultation with your plastic surgeon. During this consultation you can discuss your desires to have your piercing put back in or to get a new piercing, and they will advise you on the recommended timescale of recovery. Always ensure that if you are going to put your piercing back in or are going to get a new piercing, that the area is clean and sterile.

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