Where You’re Going Wrong Treating Adult Acne

How to treat adult acneAcne is a common skin condition which affects many people in different strengths. But whether you suffer from the odd breakout and blemish, blackheads or painful acne lesions, it can be difficult to find a treatment which effectively soothes your skin. Contrary to popular belief acne is not a teenage problem. In fact it effects people in their twenties, thirties, forties and, sometimes, even their fifties. When you’re well into adulthood dealing with acne can be upsetting and annoying. It is probably a problem you thought you would grow out of years ago, and it may make you feel self-conscious and unattractive. What you might not know if you’re still suffering with acne well into adulthood is that even though it doesn’t look like it, your skin is changing. No longer can you reach for the same products that you did in your teens, and if this is what you are doing then it may help explain why you’re still suffering with frequent breakouts.

Adult Acne – The Mistakes / Misconceptions

1. Using over-drying products
In your teens it’s common to have oily skin so you probably used products with drying and antibacterial properties to combat this. However as you get older you skin becomes drier, so using harsh products like this actually has a negative effect. These products don’t strip away excess oil, they remove all the skin’s natural oils as well. Your responds to this by producing even more oil as it thinks it is dehydrated and needs to protect itself. Look for products which treat acne and encourage cell turnover as well.

2. Using Too Much Product
When you have a breakout it can be tempting to slather your entire face in topical spots treatments but this really isn’t necessary. For most people their adult acne breakouts are not as widespread as the ones they had when they were teenagers, so instead applying spot treatments to your entire face just apply it directly to the actual blemish. Choose a formula specially designed to treat you type of breakout, in your thirties you are prone to cystic acne lesions – painful, under-the-skin bumps.

3. Not Thinking About Skin Concerns
It’s not just the acne you have to deal with, but a host of other skin problems too. Your skin is ageing, and you need to find products which effectively deal with this too. Picking products which are both hydrating and exfoliating is the key to targeting adult acne breakouts. By exfoliating the skin you’re able to remove dead skin cells, dirt and impurities which build up on the skin’s surface and lead to breakouts. Regular exfoliation also keeps your complexions looking radiant and youthful because you’re allowing newer, healthier cells to come through. The trick is not too over do it as this will irritate the skin and possibly lead to more breakouts. If you have a lot of whiteheads and painful cystic acne you may want avoid exfoliating for the time being as this will damage the spots and leave them open to collect more dirt and bacteria.

What To Do Next?

If you’re still suffering with stubborn breakouts and blemishes, which seem to be resistant to any type of skincare product or prescription medicine, then you might want to try a stronger treatment. The Obagi skincare systems are designed to prevent and improve common and visible skin disorders in common skin, and they are particularly effective at treating and calming acne prone skin which has become resistant to other conventional forms of treatment. You could try a course of Isolaz treatments, a pain-free photo-neumatic treatment which could give you a 75% improvement in the appearance of acne lesion in two months. Isolaz treats acne by getting to the root of the problem, a special treatment tip is used to vacuum acne impurities, dirt and bacteria from the pores before broadband light is applied to kill acne-causing bacteria. Finally the vacuum tip used to gently stretch the skin so topical treatments can be applied with more effectiveness.

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