Split Earlobe Repair

It is not uncommon for people wishing to adorn themselves with jewellery. Unfortunately, this can sometimes come at a price, with heavy or large earrings causing trauma and expanding or ripping the ear lobe. This problem is very common, yet some are completely unaware of the information and options that are out there to treat the earlobes.

Whether you have worn tribal style earrings and made an enlarged hole in your ear, or your heavy earrings have completely torn the ears, there is a quick and easy solution which is highly effective.

Earlobe Repairtorn earlobe

Earlobe repair

Earlobe repair is carried out under local anaesthetic. The earlobe is reconstructed and the skin edges are stitched together in order to create the most natural appearance. The treatment itself is usually relatively uncomplicated, and we can normally repair both ears in one session. Post-surgery, you can expect the healing time to take from 1-2 weeks, with any scarring healing gradually over time.

Can you still leave a small hole so that I can wear earrings again?

This is a common question that is asked before surgery. The best option for repair is to close the hole or tear completely in order to avoid a risk of the lobe being exposed to more trauma in the future, and potentially tearing again. It is possible to re-pierce in the future, however it is encouraged to wait until the lobe is fully healed after at least 6 weeks. In order to avoid future damage, it is recommended to wait for three to six months after surgery.

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