Smoking: How To Get Rid Of Smoker’s Lines


Smoking is detrimental for your health, and also for the health of your skin. Smoking can speed up the ageing of the skin, meaning that you may develop and experience: wrinkles, lines, dry skin, sallowness of the skin, uneven skin tone, and broken blood vessels faster than non-smokers. However, even non-smokers can get vertical lines appearing around the mouth. The process of ageing is unavoidable and therefore, as the skin loses elasticity wrinkles will start to appear.

Studies have shown in particular, that those who smoke are significantly more prone to developing premature wrinkles around the mouth, otherwise known as ‘smoker’s lines’. Women are even more likely to develop smoker’s lines than men because the skin structure differs to men.

Preventing Smoker’s Lines

The most obvious preventative measure is to quit smoking, however, in many cases this is easier said than done. Whilst smoking will increase the deepening of smoker’s lines, you can also take other measures to attempt to delay the wrinkle formation. Mesotherapy not only helps to restore collagen production and plump out the wrinkles, but also feeds the skin with essential vitamins and amino acids.

It also widely believed that any process which causes you to purse your mouth such as drinking through straws and water bottles can contribute to making lip lines more pronounced, and so it is recommended to avoid this when possible.

Treating Smoker’s Lines

Fillers are an effective and popular way to replace the loss of volume from the lips and also to fill out the lines around the mouth. Depending on your age you may desire a combination of the two. As you age the upper area above the top lip elongates and the top lip thins. For a more youthful look, filler in the top lip may be advised in addition the filler in the lines.

There are various types of fillers available which your consultant will discuss with you.

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