Maintain Your Botox Results During Lockdown

With lockdown in the UK seemingly extended until July, you may be concerned about how you can maintain the results of your Botox sessions in between appointments…

Fortunately, we developed our 111SKIN range with our patients in mind. We create our science-backed skincare formulations with efficacy in mind. Our products offer unique delivery systems, proven result-driven ingredients, and unparalleled potency to deliver prescriptive skin care right to your doorstep. We tweak and innovate our range to the continually evolving skincare needs of our patients.

So, it’s now easier than ever to not only maintain your Botox treatments at home but to also amplify their results.

How long can I expect my Botox to last?

“Most patients will typically see their Botox starting to wear off after around 12 weeks” – explains Dr Yannis. At this time, you might start to see the muscle movement coming back. However, this varies between patient to patient. When you’re more conscious of you’re Botox wearing off, you might be more likely to avoid making the repetitive muscle movements that cause lines and wrinkles.

It also depends on the strength of the muscle and the area that you’ve had Botox. You may find that the muscles around your eyes are particularly strong, and might start to see crow’s feet returning a bit sooner. Alternatively, you might see frown lines returning sooner due to the amount of glorious sunshine we’ve had the past few weeks during lockdown.

Products to extend your results

Celestial Black Diamond Contour Gel

This restorative gel works wonders on crow’s feet and frown lines. We designed it with a unique tip like the tip of a Botox needle. The Celestial Black Diamond Contour Gel contains Argireline which mimics the effects of Botox. Studies have shown that it can reduce wrinkles by up to 48% within four weeks when the ingredient used twice a day. Not only this, but it also contains MATRIXYL3000 – this peptide works by signalling cells to boost collagen production, which improves skin firmness and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

Celestial Black Diamond Retinol Oil

Be persistent with retinol. It’s common for people to discontinue the use of retinol due to the redness and flaking that can occur, but now (when we’re indoors) is the best time to start building up your skin’s resilience and tolerance to active ingredients like retinol. Our product contains 1% Retinol – the highest concentration available on the skincare market without prescription. Retinol is such a powerful ingredient that has the ability to communicate with skin cells and affect their behaviour. Retinol works at a cellular level, increasing collagen levels to plump out those wrinkles and lines.

Meso Infusion Day Defence Hydration Mask

Wrinkles can appear more prominent when the skin is dry. Our Meso Infusion Day Defence Hydration Mask hydrates the skin with hyaluronic acid and plumps out lines and wrinkles. The consistency and sumptuous texture make it very hydrating and help to boost the skin-smoothing Botox results.

And, don’t forget, you can take advantage of our virtual consultation system with us to ask for any skincare advice and have your personalised skincare programme delivered to you at home during lockdown!

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