Lip injections techniques

The Anatomy Of The Lip

Lip injections are growing ever more popular. In fact, it has been reported that many clinics from around the UK have experienced as much as a 70% increase in lip filler enquiries.Whilst it has been rumoured that lip icon Kylie Jenner had her lip injections before the age of the 18, 111 Harley St. will not recommend having fillers before the age of 21. Ideally, a patient should wait until they are at least 25.

What types of lip injections are there?

Lip injections can range in permanency and are used to alter the size, volume and shape of your lips. The most common and widely used filler contains the substance hyaluronic acid. This ingredient is found naturally in the body and is the most natural type of filler.Hyaluronic acid is often favoured over other fillers as it provides a more natural result that can be controlled. Results last from 6-9 months. Patients normally have 1ml of filler, but this will be discussed with your surgeon. Different brands may be used, but the most common hyaluronic acid fillers used are Restylane and Juvederm.

Lip injection techniques

It is not as simple as simply applying the lip injections to the lips and hoping that the result is as you’d like it to be. The outcome will vary depending on your initial lip size, shape, and the length of your philtrum. It is more difficult to create volume if you have a longer philtrum, as too much filler will force the lip outwards instead of outwards. The result would be a wedged and block like the upper lip that resembles a duck.Using certain techniques for lip fillers is absolutely essential and should be customised to each individual. Depending on the anatomy of your lips, the injector will be able to determine where and how to inject the fillers. For example, many believe that the filler is injected directly into the lip, but it is common for the filler to be injected through the outer border (vermillion border) of the lip which creates a poutier look and can enhance the Cupid’s bow.

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