How exercise and nutrition helps the recovery process

The healing process after plastic surgery can be long hauled and exhausting, not to mention often a little tender and sore. Depending on your type of surgery, your recovery period could take over a month and so you need to put appropriate measures in place so that you can heal at a faster rate.

The road to recovery

Your rate of recovery will be highly dependent on your preparation before surgery. The steps will below will help to ensure a smoother healing process:



Exercise is particularly important for weight loss surgeries. Certain surgeries may only be permitted providing you have adhered to a healthy lifestyle beforehand otherwise it could compromise the results. Immediately after surgery you may also face limitations on how much exercise you can do so getting in shape beforehand can help counteract this period of inactivity and increase the rate of recovery.

After surgery, whilst rigorous activity may not be advised it is still important to try and move around where possible providing it does not implicate the surgery site. Gentle activity will improve circulation and encourage your wounds to heal.


Stock up on plenty of probiotics, fibre and protein before your surgery. These elements will help your body to recover and avoid risk of infection at any insertion site. After surgery it is advised to eat small amounts regularly as it can help to alleviate nausea from medications that you may be taking. Take note of any specific dietary requirements you have been given before and after surgery as they can significantly alter your speed of recovery. You may be required to avoid food and water for 24 hours prior to your surgery.

During the recovery period you may also want to take supplements.  Research has shown that taking as little as 250 mg a day of vitamin C after surgery cuts the healing time by 50%. You may also want to take Bromelain which can help to reduce inflammation and bruising. However, speak to your surgeon about recommended dosage as it is may conflict with the drugs you are prescribed.

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