How to get rid of sausage arms

You’ll know if you have it. It’s time to wave goodbye to the dreaded ‘sausage arms’.

‘Sausage arms’ is a term that can be used to describe the outer layer of fat that gives the arms a sausage like appearance. The appearance can be exaggerated when wearing tight or elasticated off-the-shoulder tops which makes the fat bulge at the top. The summer may be over, but it may have drawn your attention to this area of the body that you may have previously been ignoring.

Getting rid of sausage arms

Exercise and nutrition

It goes without saying that an increase in exercise and improvement in nutrition will help you to tone those sausage arms. As the fat is causing the appearance of the bulging, the idea is to lose it. To do this, you need to create a calorie deficit through your nutrition and incorporate high intensity cardio. Once you start to lose the fat, it’s time to start toning the arms with weights and strength training. A combination of both strength training and cardio will help you lose weight even faster.


If you believe that you are not getting anywhere with your fitness and exercise regime, there are a number of non-surgical avenues to explore. Vaser Lipo is a laser device which can help to melt the fat and metabolise it within the body safely. In addition, Thermage can tone and tighten the skin to make it look firmer once the fat has been lost.


If your sausage arms do not seem to be disappearing, Liposuction or an arm lift might be your best solution.

Liposuction is carried out using an invasive candela extracting method which suctions the fat out. It requires general anaesthesia and so you may be required to stay in hospital overnight. It usually takes around two weeks to make a recovery, but it can take up to six months for swelling to subside.

An arm lift can help to reduce localised pockets of fat in the upper arm to get rid of the sausage arm appearance. The type of anaesthesia may vary. During the operation the surgeon will choose between three incision types: inside the arm, on the back of the arm or under the arm.

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