Keeping your cool at 30°

This week, temperatures will soar to up to 30 degrees. In a typically British manner, many of us have eagerly anticipated the arrival of summer for the duration of the year, yet now find it too hot to handle. Traffic seems to come to a standstill, and journeys become longer… trains become delayed, and with that, we come hot, stressed and flustered; but don’t lose your cool! Here are our top treatment suggestions to deal with the heat:

The sun may increase endorphin levels, but the opposite can happen when you’re not getting enough (safe) exposure to it. Unfortunately, when working a 9-5 in the UK, it’s just our luck that as soon as the weekend arrives the sun seems to disappear, then during the week we’re stuck inside on glorious days. This can leave feelings of guilt, and stress can be heightened as workloads increase and journey times lengthen, making us lose our cool. There are of course a number of alternative reasons as to why you may be stressed… in a few short minutes the Mood Balancer IV dripfusion can improve your mood, concentration levels and energy by delivering Glutamine, Camitine and Ornithine straight to the bloodstream.

Whilst many of us strive for that summer glow, we also don’t want to look shiny. Oil production can increase during the summer months, but you can keep this under control with Isolaz sessions. The laser treatment will minimize the chances of breakouts and greasiness by killing bacteria and getting rid of excess sebum.

Keeping sweat under control can be embarrassing and stressful for those suffering from Hyperhidrosis. Those who have Hyperhidrosis may try to find respite from the scorching heat by seeking out cool places, but there’s a simpler solution; Botox can reduce sweat production by up to 90% with results lasting for the duration of the summer (6 months).

You may hide behind your shades when the sun comes out, but that doesn’t always deter superficial lines from forming. Mainly, we squint as a reflex to the bright light causing crow’s feet to develop with the repetitive movement. These lines become deeper and ageing becomes accelerated when we forget to use SPF protection, as the UV exposure causes collagen and elasticity to the breakdown in this delicate area. Whilst sunglasses can decrease the amount of sunlight coming in, it’s difficult to wear them at all times. Therefore, Botox can be injected into targeted areas to relax these muscles around the eye and smooth out wrinkles.

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